The Benefits Of High End Skincare Products Over Grocery Store Brands

Are High-End Products Worth it?

Over the last decade, the skincare industry has exploded into a multi-billion-dollar industry. Skincare experts, dermatologists, and celebrities alike are launching high-end skincare brands. Skincare routines now seem incomplete without cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and serums, which can cost a pretty penny. The availability of stalwart grocery and drug store brands raises the debate of price. Is there any benefit to choosing high-end skincare?

apthorp pharmacy The Benefits Of High End Skincare Products Over Grocery Store Brands

More effective ingredients in every jar

The thought of splurging on a $75 moisturizer instead of a $5 tub sounds ridiculous. But ingredients play a vital role in the effectiveness of skincare products. The higher the concentration of active ingredients, the more effective that product will be. Grocery store brands may have active ingredients like retinol, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin. However, the amount can be negligible compared to high-end brands. What’s more, pure, authentic ingredients may be harder to source but will be more effective on the skin. Buying high-end could mean the best ingredients money can buy.

Helpful to all skin types

Most drugstore and grocery store brands are white-labeled goods. These are generic formulas generated by companies to be rebranded later. The problem with white labeling is that the products aren’t suited for all skin types. Despite the message on the label, sensitive skin types may react differently to fragrances, preservatives, and parabens. High-end brands often do formulation in-house. These brands can cater to sensitive skin through natural ingredients and leave out harsh chemicals.

More research and development

Skincare products can feel like a one-size-fits-all. High-end cosmetic companies will beg to differ. These brands invest in research to find natural ingredients that are more impactful on the skin. For instance, high-end brands researched the best exfoliators to thoroughly clean the skin’s top layer without damage. Drugstore brands contain harsher ingredients that may cause inflammation. Many high-end brands are also looking at the concept of clean beauty. Customers aren’t only concerned about the source of the ingredients but the impact on the environment and sustainability. Choosing a quality product provides the best of both worlds.

More bang for your buck

Marketing is a big part of luxury skincare. High-end companies are marketable and spend millions of dollars to entice high-end customers. The feeling of exclusivity and value should not be discounted and helps with someone’s overall confidence. The packaging or the way the product dispenses can make customers feel special and save time. Both high- and low-priced products can have the same ingredients. High-end products have more potent ingredients. That means a significantly improved performance and a fresh, dewy look that’s worth every penny.

Save a trip to the derm

Even a solid skincare routine can’t stop the occasional trip to the dermatologist. A sudden breakout or rash can mean spending hundreds of dollars at the doctor. Doctors can sometimes trace breakouts to low-quality skincare products that strip moisture or clog pores. Dermatologist-approved products may have higher price points but can keep the skin healthier for longer.

Invest in your skincare

Skincare products like moisturizers, cleansers, and serums keep the skin healthy and glowing. Having a routine is a great start, and some grocery store brands are effective. However, the odds of finding the right one to address someone’s skin type can be difficult. High-end skincare products provide higher quality ingredients, better results, and a nicer feel. These have intense research to find the products that can bring the best results. Speak with a dermatologist for recommendations on the best high-end skincare products on the market.

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