Sun Spots & Age Spots: Toning Ingredients For Smooth, Younger Looking Skin

Skin Care: Beyond The Basics

A healthy diet, fewer cigarettes, less alcohol consumption, and daily exercise are the building blocks of overall body health and younger-looking skin. While many patients struggle with prioritizing skin health, others look for powerful products to compound the positive impact of a healthy lifestyle. Many dermatologists suggest complementing balanced habits with limited time in the sun and hydrating the skin. By implementing daily use of SPF and weekly use of retinoid acid, patients can boost collagen production while protecting skin from the long-term impacts of age and excessive sun exposure.

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The holy grail of skincare is sun care

Nearly everyone understands the importance of sun protection. Some pieces of medical advice are constantly talked about for a reason, acting as a key defense against cancer. However, dermatologists are correct in emphasizing minimizing sun damage as much as possible. Without proper protection, patients can prematurely age, with sun damage causing thinner, drier skin and increased wrinkles and other signs of aging. Along with using SPF daily, wearing a layer of protective clothing such as hats, long-sleeved t-shirts, and windbreakers strengthens the effects of SPF by keeping the sun off the skin.

Retinoids are your new best friend

Specific skin changes caused by aging, such as fine lines caused by sun damage, can be slowed or reduced with retinoic acid. Using retinoids products can improve skin texture and color while increasing collagen production. Retinoids improve skin color by stimulating the production of new blood vessels in the skin. While not all impacts of aging can be prevented, retinoic treatment can slow the visual effects.

Keeping skin looking young

While healthy habits help keep the body and skin functions as a baseline, key ingredients can reduce the impact of aging and sun exposure. By applying sunscreen 15-20 minutes before going outside, patients can prevent sun damage, which leads to sunspots and wrinkles. Furthermore, the use of retinoic acid eases the look of fine lines caused by exposure to the sun. With proper care, protection, and plenty of collagen production, patients can avoid showcasing the visual impacts of premature aging.

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