Face & Body Products: What’s The Difference Between Beauty Creams, Lotions & Body Butter?

How Do I Pick The Right Moisturizer For My Skin?

From chronic atopic dermatitis and other types of eczema to seasonal dry skin, keeping skin hydrated makes daily life comfortable. What are the best beauty products for a specific skin type or specific condition? While beauty creams, lotions, and body butter may seem synonymous, each product is slightly different, offering different forms of care based on patient needs.

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What is beauty cream?

Beauty cream must be non-comedogenic, non-irritative, and compatible with other current therapeutic regimens. Products used on the face, such as beauty cream, are often easily absorbed and non-irritating; formulated to act as a barrier protecting the face from potential irritants throughout daily activities.

Lotion: put it everywhere

Lotion is considered ideal for usage on the body due to the product's thicker consistency. A recent study noted that transferring active ingredients to surrounding surfaces is easier for creams and ointments than lotions, making lotion a solution for dry skin. The right time and methods for moisturizers application hold the key to optimal benefits, with absorption rates at the highest when skin is damp.

Butter the body with body butter

Approximately 50% of older adults have dry skin and, if left untreated, dry skin can cause other troublesome concerns. When severely compromised, the skin's protective barrier must be replenished with heavier moisturizers. Issues such as atopic dermatitis, skin cracking, and infections can pop up if the skin is not properly moisturized. Certain body oil and body butter compositions carry less water and spread less than lotion. Some physicians recommend applying body butter at night to rejuvenate dry skin, paying extra attention to dry patches, including the elbows and knees.

The best choice for your skin

While beauty cream, lotion, and body butter may seem like interchangeable solutions, each product targets specific skin concerns. Beauty cream gently moisturizes the face while working with current skin routines. Lotion, best applied after a shower, serves as general, light to medium hydration for the body's skin. If intense hydration and skin repair are needed, body butter provides relief, targeting rough or weather-worn areas of skin. No matter the skin problem, hydration will address the issue. With the correct moisturizer, patients can keep skin healthy and soft for years to come.

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