Day vs Night: What Should Your Skincare Routine Contain Before Bed?

An Effective Nighttime Skincare Routine

The skin’s layers are exposed to different external stress as the day wears on. Ultraviolet (UV) light, pollution, and makeup can all take a toll, leaving the epidermis dehydrated and dry. For best results, the skin needs a nighttime skincare routine to repair the damage during the day. The changes during the day due to sun exposure, stress, and general surface wear and tear should be addressed before bedtime.

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Remove makeup

Sleeping with makeup on can speed up premature aging and damage collagen fibers over time. Makeup can trap dirt and pollutants in the skin’s pores, increasing free radicals and degrading collagen. Trapped dirt under the skin can also cause acne breakouts. A gentle makeup remover is the first step in an effective nighttime skincare routine. An oil-based cleanser can break up makeup that won’t come off with gentler cleansers.

Cleanse the face

An antioxidant-rich face cleanser is ideal for most skin types. Lukewarm water and a clean cleansing brush can thoroughly clean the pores more than without a brush. However, people with sensitive skin may find a brush irritating. Properly washing the face can provide a clean canvas for the next skincare steps.

Tone it up

After washing, a face toner removes any leftover dirt and impurities trapped in the pores. A face toner can restore moisture and balance, smooth skin, and improve skin tone. For sensitive skin, an alcohol-free toner provides a gentler cleansing. Toner is applied with a cotton ball and gently swept across the skin in the morning and before bed.

Add in treatment

Face serums and spot treatments can be used after the toner and depend on the skin's needs. A face serum containing peptides and enzymes can hydrate and brighten skin. Peptides can improve the smoothness of skin, while enzymes restore dull skin. A retinoid cream can stimulate collagen production and speed up skin turnover.

TLC for the eyes

The skin around the eyes is thinner than other areas, requiring special care before bed. Due to the area’s fragility, premature signs of aging can affect the area first. Eye creams are a preventative treatment to reduce the visibility of fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness. Look for eye creams with peptides designed to increase hydration and skin firmness. Eye creams should be applied with a gentle tapping technique.

Moisturize is key

Before going to bed, applying a moisturizer to the face can provide hydration for the skin. Products containing hyaluronic acid can provide the most moisture retention. Look for non-comedogenic options to prevent clogged pores.

Get your beauty sleep

After the skincare routine is complete, getting enough sleep can help maintain healthy skin. A single night of poor sleep can lead to swollen eyes, pale skin, wrinkles and fine lines, dark undereye circles, and hanging eyelids. Proper sleep hygiene allows cells to regenerate and restore.

The right skincare solution

A multi-step nighttime skincare routine is a great way to start fighting the signs of aging, but every individual's needs differ. A person must experiment with skincare products to see what works and doesn’t. A good selection of skincare products can help anyone fight wrinkles and achieve better skin overnight.

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