Baby Bonanza: Essential Newborn Kit Must-Haves For New Parents

Prepared For Injuries And Sickness

Safety is often at the forefront of new parent’s minds, but accidents can happen. A fully stocked first-aid kit is essential with a new baby in the house. Knowing which items to purchase to prepare for any potential injury or sickness can help families breathe a sigh of relief.


Heating up?

A high fever can be a serious concern in young babies, often necessitating a trip to the hospital. A thermometer is an essential item to have on hand to properly assess the fever. Digital thermometers, used rectally, provide the most accurate results for infants. Forehead thermometers are much more user-friendly and require a quick sweep across the forehead to obtain a reading. Anytime a high fever is suspected, parents should put in a call to the doctor. In some cases, the healthcare provider may recommend using a fever-lowering medication. Having an infant version of such medications on hand is essential.

Bandages and ice packs

Even in the most cautious families, accidents happen. Newborns can get cuts and bruises in a variety of ways. Promptly treating the area can help prevent complications and comfort the baby. Bandages can stop the bleeding, while antibacterial ointment can help prevent infection. A small ice pack should be stored in the freezer and can be used for any bumps that occur. Applying ice early and often can prevent the bruise from worsening.

Bulb syringe

Many new parents leave the hospital with a bulb syringe. This funny-looking device is a lifesaver for babies experiencing congestion. The syringe is squeezed, inserted into the nose, and then released to collect extra nasal discharge. Consistent use of a bulb syringe can help stuffed-up infants breathe easier and feel better. Saline nasal drops can also help with congestion and should be kept on hand.

Nail clippers and tweezers

A baby’s nails can grow fast, and parents must keep on top of the growth to prevent the infant from accidentally scratching. Baby nail clippers are, therefore, a must-have item. Another good product to add to the first-aid kit is tweezers. Although infants are less likely to need a foreign object removed from the skin, tiny objects, like splinters, can get stuck in the skin as the baby grows and starts to explore the world more.

Check your kit often

A prepared first-aid kit allows parents to be ready for any potential injury. However, families should remember that some products have a short shelf life. Certain medications may expire over time and need to be replaced. A thermometer should be checked regularly to ensure the batteries are still working. As the baby grows, updating the kit with new supplies better suited for a toddler is important.

Prepared for anything

No parent wants to see a baby get hurt, but the occasional bump, cut, or fever is part of life. Having the right supplies on hand allows for quick and efficient treatment and hopefully minimal crying from the infant. Prepare now to be ready for any at-home emergency.

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