Color-Treated Hair Hacks: Products That Will Keep You Out Of The Salon Longer

How Do I Limit Hair Color Visits To The Salon?

From platinum blonde to warm brunette to vivid pink, and all the colors in between, the possibilities for hair color are virtually unlimited. While having the ability to choose hair color is freeing, visiting the salon every month or so can be tiresome and expensive. A recent study showed 48% of hair dyers do so frequently, more than 5 times a year. Visits to the salon add up quickly, but visits can be limited by caring for color-treated hair. Using conditioning treatments, SPF, and spacing chemical treatments at least 14 days apart will maximize the time between visits to the beauty salon.

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Not all ingredients are created equally

When hair is notably damaged and chemically treated, the outer cuticle layers may shed. If the cuticle is removed, the exposure of the hair cortex and further cortex damage may lead to strand breakage. The use of hair conditioning treatments restores hair cuticle damage and prevents further hair breakage by reducing friction and water pick up. Ingredients such as avocado oil, honey, and dimethiconol work by penetrating hair strands to moisturize from the inside out.

Shield your hair

While SPF is a well-known necessity for skin, the sun protectant can also limit hair damage. UV rays can fade hair color and dehydrate strands without proper protection, even in the colder months. Many experts suggest using SPF to limit the impact of UV rays on color-treated hair. Products that contain SPF can help protect hair from sun damage year-round.

Timing is vital to hair health

While SPF and deep conditioning can help restore hair health, color-treated hair will not respond if multiple treatments are done within days. Most colorists recommend waiting at least 14 days after bleaching, relaxing, or perming hair before using dye. To maximize the benefits of protective products, color-treated hair needs time to rest between chemical treatments.

Proper care is key to minimizing salon visits

While visits to the hair salon can be costly, proper treatment of color-treated hair can minimize spending and damage to the hair cuticle. By using protective products such as deep conditioners and SPF, people can notably extend the life of color-treated hair. Hair care colorists suggest waiting at least 2 weeks between each chemical treatment to compound the impact of protective products. Salon go-ers can easily maintain beautiful, healthy, color-treated hair with care and patience.

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