Are Luxury Beauty Products Worth It? Why You Should Spend More On Your Skin’s Health

Luxury Skincare: Parsing Hype From Reality

Having a clear complexion free from excessive texture, irritation, and signs of aging is a common goal in the world of beauty. A solid skincare routine is critical to achieving the desired results in the quest for better skin. However, people commonly ask whether a higher price tag translates to a better product. Learning to determine if a product is worth the sticker price can help individuals decide when to splurge and save.


Active ingredients and concentration

When shopping for skincare items that come with a premium price, be sure that whatever active ingredients are advertised are included at the promoted concentrations to ensure potency. Certain active ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, are intended to create a specific desired result, such as boosting moisture retention. When reading an ingredient list, the higher an item is listed, the more there is included. If a product promotes hyaluronic acid as a main ingredient, but the name doesn’t appear until the bottom of a long list of ingredients, the concentration isn’t significant. Premium skincare products typically feature higher concentrations, which translates to higher potency.

Longer expiration dates

Just like food items, cosmetic goods have a shelf life too. Skincare, a subcategory of cosmetics, also has an expiration date. Especially when active ingredients are involved, knowing how long a product can last is critical to ensuring that money isn’t being wasted. Once the expiration passes, a cosmetic good can become less effective or even create adverse reactions. Luxury skincare goods are often designed with longer shelf lives, meaning that the cost vs value analysis is better.


The conversation around packaging and premium skincare isn’t simply an aesthetics concern. Packaging can directly impact longevity and efficacy. For example, active ingredients like vitamin C or retinol can begin to degrade prematurely when exposed to direct light. So, an amber glass bottle or even a fully opaque container may be necessary to preserve the shelf life, especially if few filler ingredients are in the formula. Luxury brands tend to incorporate protective packaging that safeguards the formula and ensures better efficacy.

Are pricier products better?

Multiple factors exist that support the idea that a higher price tag can yield a better product. While not all skincare items need to be the most expensive option in the aisle, an argument can be made that splurging on skincare picks when potency or specific ingredients are desired is a good idea. Although outliers always exist, a general rule of thumb is to splurge on more targeted use products such as a serum or cleanser that corrects hyperpigmentation or acne. Meanwhile, saving a bit of money at the drugstore is perfectly fine for general cleansers and moisturizers.

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