High Alert Allergies: Compound Your Medications For Clean & Safe Administration

Benefits Of Compounded Medication

Modern medication has revolutionized what’s possible in the world of treatment. Symptom management is well within reach, but some patients find overlapping prescriptions do not accommodate specific allergies. With compounded medications, pharmacists create a customized prescription tailored to fit patient needs. For instance, combining multiple drugs help patients who struggle to take medication. Compound care also helps patients with allergies on more than 1 medication.

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Treating patients with allergies

People who are allergic to a component in a specific medication can benefit from compounding. compounded medications help patients with common intolerances, such as the dye found in medication. Customizing the dose allows pharmacists to remove problematic ingredients. This critical step allows for precise and made-to-fit care.

Safety first

Compounded medications allow pharmacists to change the form of drugs, accommodating patients with specific needs. Elderly patients or young kids that can’t swallow pills need medication in a liquid form. Pharmacists even go a step further to add flavor to boost palatability. Changing the form increases safe medication administration and adherence.

Baseline training is non-negotiable

Many pharmacies can compound medications on-site and develop solutions for patients taking multiple medications a day. An experience-based understanding of formulation science is critical in developing, manufacturing, and testing chemical solutions. Formulation experts use chemistry to inform decisions about quantities and combinations of active and inactive ingredients. Science-based quality procedures and testing for medical stability make compounding safe and effective.

Working around shortages

About 11% of all FDA-approved drugs, vaccines, and biologic products are limited in availability. Compounded medications fill shortages by producing tailored treatments. Remote areas are the first to go underserved in terms of medical supplies. During times of drug shortages across the country, compounded medications allow rural hospitals to provide pharmaceutical care.

A compounded medication can save lives

With tailor-made treatments, patients with drug intolerances can receive life-saving medication. Geriatric patients and children can gain from compounding, with easy-to-consume forms of medication. Compounding pharmacies also provide benefits to communities with low supplies or specific needs. While compounded medications should not be the first line of defense, customized doses help patients with atypical medical needs.

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