Compounding Pharmacies: 3 Ways Seniors Benefit From Customized Medication

Customized Medication For Seniors

The golden years of a senior’s life should be filled with joy and comfort, but often medical issues arise that can make life difficult. Traditional medication may not always work for seniors, especially individuals with complex medical needs. However, compounding pharmacies offer a solution, customized medication that caters to the patient’s unique needs. Seniors can benefit from personalized dosing, alternative medication forms, and combination medication that improves medication compliance, treatment outcomes, and quality of life.

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What is a compounding pharmacy?

Customized medication can be prepared by pharmacists at compounding pharmacies, who work closely with healthcare providers to create a personalized medication plan. Before compounding, the pharmacist will consider the patient's medical history, allergies, and health conditions. The medication can be prepared in various forms, such as capsules, creams, gels, liquids, and even lollipops. The dosages can also be adjusted based on the patient's weight, age, and medical history. Compounding pharmacies are regulated by state boards of pharmacy and adhere to strict quality standards to ensure patient safety.

1. Personalized dosing

Older people often require different medication dosages than younger adults due to age, weight, and health conditions. Compounding pharmacies can prepare medication in precise dosages customized to the patient's needs. For example, some seniors may require smaller doses of medication due to decreased kidney or liver function. Others may need a higher dosage because of a particular health condition or medication interaction. With customized medication, seniors can receive the correct dosage for the individual’s needs, which can improve treatment outcomes and reduce the risk of adverse effects.

2. Alternative medication forms

Seniors may have difficulty swallowing pills or tablets, making taking medication as prescribed challenging. Compounding pharmacies can prepare medication in alternative forms, such as liquids, gummies, or topical creams. For example, a senior with difficulty swallowing pills can instead receive medication in a liquid form that is easier to swallow. Alternatively, a senior with trouble applying topical creams due to arthritis can receive medication in a transdermal patch form. Alternative medication forms can improve medication compliance, which is especially important for seniors needing multiple medications.

3. Combining medication

Many seniors have multiple health conditions that require medication, which can be challenging to manage. Taking multiple medications simultaneously can increase the risk of adverse effects or drug interactions. Compounding pharmacies can prepare combination medication, which combines multiple medications into a single dose to simplify medication management for seniors and reduce the risk of drug interactions. For example, a senior with high blood pressure (BP) and high cholesterol can receive medications to treat both conditions in a combination pill.

Personalized medication for seniors

Compounding pharmacies offer seniors personalized dosing, alternative medication forms, and combination medication that can improve medication compliance and treatment outcomes, and reduce the risk of adverse effects. Seniors have unique medical needs, and customized medication from compounding pharmacies can help address those needs. Seniors or caregivers can consider discussing with a healthcare provider whether customized medication from a compounding pharmacy is the right choice.

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