Will A Healthy BMI Improve Your Chances Of Success With IVF?

The Significance Of A Healthy BMI

Many lifestyle factors influence pregnancy outcomes, but maternal body mass index (BMI) might be the most critical factor. Obtaining a healthy BMI is crucial to a mother’s pregnancy outcome, mother’s health, and baby’s health. Maintaining a healthy weight is essential for fertility treatments as well. A healthy BMI improves success with in vitro fertilization (IVF) and prevents any detrimental results such as miscarriage.

apthorp pharmacy Will A Healthy BMI Improve Your Chances Of Success With IVF

Too much maternal fat is not healthy

Generally, too much weight is not considered a healthy choice, and being obese or overweight can cause many medical complications. Overweight or obese women with BMI ⩾25 kg/m2 who attempt IVF may have fewer chances of clinical pregnancy. Although few studies suggested that BMI did not affect IVF, one study has demonstrated a negative effect. Overweight or obese women attempting IVF are less likely to get pregnant or have live births. These women also have a higher chance of miscarriage.

Donor eggs, an alternative

Many studies have demonstrated that obesity is linked to lower success of clinical pregnancy with IVF. However, one novel research has discovered the effectiveness of donor eggs. Obese women attempting to get pregnant via IVF and use donor eggs are likely to get pregnant as normal-weight women.

Less maternal fat situation

The effect of low BMI and reproductive outcomes is a tricky situation. One can have a low BMI, but healthy hormone levels and consistent ovulation are essential for pregnancy to happen. On the other hand, a person with a low BMI can have low estrogen levels and still ovulate. One study showed that low BMI and IVF are not interrelated, and women can succeed with IVF. Detrimental health effects also exist in people with a low BMI.

Not just BMI, other factors

Maternal BMI may play a significant role in the success of achieving pregnancy via IVF. Other factors such as age could also have a crucial role. There is a strong interaction between BMI and age. Both of these factors have a substantial effect on IVF outcomes.

Is healthy BMI necessary?

With several studies carried out over the years, pregnant or not pregnant, a good BMI is vital for overall health. Although obese women have alternate options to conceive with IVF, there are serious health consequences to consider. Even women with low BMI have medical complications to consider, such as premature babies, low birth weight, and miscarriage. To avoid such complications and obtain a positive outcome, a healthy BMI will help increase success with IVF.

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