IVF & Egg Freezing: Why A Fertility Pharmacy Delivery Speed Matters

Does Time Play A Factor With IVF And Egg Freezing?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) and egg freezing are popular methods of treating and managing fertility. Both techniques are growing in notoriety and are becoming more accessible. At the onset, all patients must know that these treatments are time-sensitive and time-consuming. The fertility clinic must extract or freeze eggs at the right time. Among the things to consider is a reliable fertility pharmacy. Fertility pharmacies provide hormone medication and other supplies to patients who need treatment during the process.

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Timing and IVF

IVF is the gold standard of assisted reproductive technology (ART). This treatment is done with the help of hormone medication and surgical procedures. The first step in the IVF process, ovulation induction, requires taking fertility medications on a strict schedule for several weeks. This procedure produces enough mature eggs for the clinic to harvest via a surgical procedure. Next, the eggs are fertilized with the provided sperm samples to become embryos. One or more embryos are implanted, and pregnancy will start if any of the embryos attach to the lining of the uterus. Often, people need more than one round of IVF, which also requires timely medication to prepare the uterine lining.

Egg freezing overview

Egg freezing is medically termed oocyte cryopreservation. The procedure helps women delay pregnancy due to health reasons, work commitments, or other life goals. Like IVF, the patient will undergo hormone treatment via injection at least once daily to stimulate the production of more eggs. Some patients also require birth control pills a month before hormone treatment. Once the eggs are ready, the doctor will retrieve the eggs either through a needle into the ovarian follicles or through surgery. Next, a fertility clinic takes over, injecting a unique solution into the eggs, then freezing each with a liquid nitrogen solution. When the patient is ready for pregnancy, the eggs are thawed, and the IVF process begins.

Why does fertility pharmacy delivery speed matter?

Both IVF and egg freezing require women to take fertility medications on a strict schedule. With egg freezing, patients will undergo hormone treatment daily. Missing a dose or taking hormone medication at the wrong time can delay or restart the process. Because of this, patients should partner with a reliable fertility pharmacy. Medication speed ensures that nothing is missed, regardless of the circumstance. Additionally, some medicines must be stored at a specific temperature. The fertility pharmacy should provide treatment on time to avoid wasting medicines.

Timing is everything

Fertility pharmacies should offer flexible delivery agreements to lessen the patient’s worries throughout the process. In addition, the services should help patients take medications on time despite the patient’s personal life demands. IVF and egg freezing are effective fertility treatments that require strict adherence to schedule. To increase the chances of success in these treatments, ensure the fertility pharmacy can commit to delivering medications on time.

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