Is IVF Treatment Right For You? When To Consider Fertility Medication

When Should IVF Be On The Table?

Many people assume that infertility is a private struggle. And while the reproductive condition can make a person feel isolated, 6.1 million American women between 15-44 years old have difficulty getting or staying pregnant. But when is the right time to consider in vitro fertilization (IVF)? For a woman to be considered a good candidate, fertility specialists rely on a set of criteria before proceeding.

apthorp pharmacy Is IVF Treatment Right For You When To Consider Fertility Medication

Ovulation complications

A key sign that a woman might have better success conceiving through IVF versus naturally is if ovulation issues make accurately tracking ovulation difficult. Common causes for ovulation complications can include an irregular period and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Both scenarios can result in ovulation that’s inconsistent, making timing intercourse difficult.

Poor sperm quality in men

Women aren’t the only people impacted by infertility issues. Male infertility tends to center around poor sperm quality and quantity and accounts for roughly one-third of all infertility cases in the US. Specifically, poor sperm motility or abnormal sizes may make natural conception more difficult for a couple. In the above scenario, fertilizing the ovum with a man’s sperm outside of the uterus can increase a couple’s chance of successfully conceiving.

Previous tubal ligation

Most people assume that getting a tubal ligation, also known as tubes tied, is permanent. The procedure can be reversed but has varying degrees of success that are dependent upon a woman’s age and the kind of tubal ligation performed. In general, women who have a tubal ligation reversal have a post-conception success rate of 50-80%. But if a woman has too much pelvic scar tissue or didn’t have a ring or clip procedure, conceiving naturally may be more difficult.

Trying to conceive after 35

Experts agree that conceiving can be more challenging when a woman is over 35. But keep in mind that IVF is usually not performed on women over the age of 42. An indicator that infertility might be an issue for women over 35 is defined as not successfully conceiving after 5-6 months of having unprotected sex. For women under age 35, the timeline is expanded to 12 months.

Other health conditions that impact fertility

For women diagnosed with cancer or other health conditions that require treatment that might impact fertility, IVF is a smart idea. Treatments such as radiation can affect a woman’s fertility. And especially for younger women with serious diagnoses, opting to have eggs frozen to use later is an excellent way to preserve fertility and the option for having children after recovery.

Is IVF the right choice?

While IVF isn’t the only fertility treatment a woman or couple can consider, the procedure is one of the most popular and effective options. Couples or women who think that infertility may be an issue because of the concerns listed above should contact a fertility specialist to determine if IVF is the right course of treatment.

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