Getting Started With Fertility Prescriptions: Why Timing Is Critical

Is Fertility A Challenge?

For some couples, getting pregnant is a healthy, natural occurrence. For millions of others, fertility is a constant struggle. After months or even years of trying, some couples seek medical advice from reproductive specialists. These specialists may find one or more factors preventing the dream of becoming a parent. Some patients have one or more fertility conditions or challenges that require treatment. Add age, lifestyle, and environmental factors, and pregnancy can seem almost impossible. With fertility prescriptions, the doctor can help patients optimize hormone production, increasing fertility chances.

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Why would you need fertility prescriptions?

Fertility drugs are different synthetic hormones provided in oral or injectable form. These are not over-the-counter medications but are provided in a prescription form to fit the patient’s needs. There are 2 reasons for fertility prescriptions. First, a medical team may have found a reproductive condition or hormonal imbalance through blood tests that may affect fertility. The prescription drug increases the hormones necessary for reproductive function. While women primarily use fertility prescriptions, some men can benefit, too. The second reason is to prepare for intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF). These drugs help create the conditions for egg extraction, insemination, or implantation.

How do fertility prescriptions work?

A reproductive specialist or endocrinologist will decide on the type and dosage of fertility drugs required based on current markers. These drugs include synthetic estrogen, follicle-stimulating hormones (FSH), luteinizing hormones (LH), or a combination. Natural hormones operate in cycles, with the body increasing and decreasing production to prepare for pregnancy. Similarly, the medical team will prescribe drugs in periodic cycles to increase egg production, prepare the uterine lining, or even stop certain functions. These drugs are typically a series of hormonal injections or oral pills taken in a specific order during each cycle. For example, the treatment may start on a patient’s period or before ovulation. The medication can then work on the body’s timeline to improve the conditions for pregnancy.

Timing is everything

Unlike other forms of medicine, there is no standard timeline or recommended protocol for fertility prescription treatment. Each patient has different needs, so both patient and doctor must work together to achieve the best results without causing unnecessary health risks. Patients should follow the fertility prescription treatment plan developed to achieve the best results. Poor timing can also increase the chances of side effects, delay possible pregnancy, and increase the overall cost of treatment. Some fertility drugs must be stored at specific temperatures and taken at particular times when exposed. These drugs may lose efficacy, delaying treatment.

Get started the right way

Fertility treatment can seem challenging, so follow instructions closely for the best results. Some patients will require oral and injectable medicine. Make sure to allocate the same time every day to take the medication. For subcutaneous injections, prepare a flat, sterilized workspace with all supplies. Follow the instructions provided by the doctor or fertility pharmacist and discard materials accordingly. Speak with the medical team for advice on missed doses or severe side effects. Fertility prescriptions will improve the chances of pregnancy or create the conditions for treatment. The success or failure of the cycle can often depend on proper medicine timing.

Prescription Refills

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