From Fertility To Overall Health: How Unmet Vitamin Needs Impact Women

How Your Diet Impacts Fertility

Many women focus on staying healthy for the present moment, but what about the long term? Unmet vitamin needs can silently chip away at overall well-being, impacting everything from energy levels to immune system. This can have a profound effect on overall health but also on future fertility. Common vitamin deficiencies can affect women and addressing these concerns is crucial for a healthy and vibrant life.


Your diet matters

Vitamins and minerals are compounds found in whole foods and fortified foods. These are essential for optimal function, and deficiencies can lead to various unpleasant health concerns. There is more access to food and supplements now than ever. Yet, there are still adults who face vitamin deficiencies, especially women. Statistics show that women are more susceptible to vitamin deficiencies than men. Vitamin deficiencies will show mild to moderate symptoms. However, complex vitamins are a great way to boost nutrients, reduce symptoms, and improve overall health.

Common vitamin deficiencies

Women go through significant biological changes throughout life. From menstruation to pregnancy and menopause, these changes require enough vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Sometimes, these needs go beyond the average diet. Women also have social challenges that limit the accessibility to nutrient-rich foods. High-pressure jobs and managing households can lead to poor dietary habits such as skipping meals. Women tend to be deficient in iron, iodine, vitamin D, and many of the 8 B vitamins, leading to unpleasant symptoms.

Vitamin B9

This crucial vitamin is well-known for preventing neural tube defects in developing fetuses. However, folic acid is also essential for healthy cell growth and division, which is vital for egg development and ovulation. Low folic acid levels have been linked to an increased risk of ovulatory infertility.

A B-complex boost

The 8 B vitamins are the most popular complex vitamins. Individually, B vitamins are essential for many of the body's processes. Combined, however, these work synergistically with the body, enhancing each other's efficacy. Women are often B-12 deficient, leading to low energy, muscle weakness, reduced focus, and several other symptoms. These symptoms can worsen during menstruation or menopause. A B-12 supplement can work with B-6 and B-9 for improved metabolism, reduced stress, and hormonal support. A B-complex supplement can also support pregnancy as more folic acid (B-9) is necessary for the baby's proper development.

A powerful combo of minerals

Multiple minerals, essential compounds required in trace amounts, can be combined into a single complex vitamin. These supplements often contain iron, iodine, magnesium, and calcium. Women often struggle with iron deficiencies during menstruation, especially those with irregular periods. Pregnant women are also at risk of iron deficiencies. Iodine, another trace mineral, can help with symptoms such as hair loss, fatigue, and the body's natural temperature control. Other minerals like magnesium help reduce stress, sleep problems, and muscle recovery. Calcium is necessary for osteoporosis prevention, a high-risk disease, especially for menopausal women.

Hormone regulation

Vitamin D is more than just a bone health nutrient. This vitamin also plays a role in regulating hormones involved in ovulation and implantation. Studies have shown that women with low vitamin D levels may have a lower chance of conception.

Tap into the power of supplementation

The chances of vitamin deficiencies are higher because of the many stages of a woman's life. Iron, vitamin D, and iodine deficiencies can be mistaken for daily stress and fatigue, but tests may reveal a different story. A complex vitamin can provide the support necessary for reduced symptoms and a healthier life. This can come in the form of a potent multivitamin or a custom compounded supplement. With complex vitamins supporting a nutritious diet, women can finally bridge this gap.

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