Does Baby Aspirin Help You Get Pregnant? Exercise & Improved Circulation

Increasing Pregnancy Rates With Medication

Even for perfectly healthy women, getting and staying pregnant is easier said than done. Pregnancy rates steadily decline with age. For some with underlying health issues, this figure gets even lower. Recently, doctors have been turning to children’s medication to increase the chances of pregnancy. But not just any kid remedy. Baby aspirin may be able to improve the chances of pregnancy. If this sounds too good to be true, some experiences have been able to back up the claim.

Apthorp pharmacy Does Baby Aspirin Help You Get Pregnant? Exercise & Improved Circulation

Inflammation and pregnancy

Inflammation is the body’s immune response to an irritant or outside factor. This response is helpful when fighting bacteria or helping the body after a sudden injury. However, prolonged inflammation creates joint pain, muscle pain, heart disease, and a host of other health issues. Doctors continue to find ways that inflammation can affect overall health and wellness. Scientists even believe there is a correlation between inflammation and low pregnancy rates. To prove this, researchers set up an experiment involving NSAIDs.

How NSAIDs help with pregnancy

Doctors first treat most problems of inflammation with NSAIDs. Known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, NSAIDs lessen the markers that create inflammation. In a recent experiment, scientists called on 1,228 women between 18 and 40 with a history of miscarriage. The scientists gave a control group baby aspirin and the others a placebo. The women with high inflammation markers saw a 35% increase in conception over 6 menstrual cycles.

Baby aspirin may help you stay pregnant too

Baby aspirin may increase the chances of pregnancy but may also help with staying pregnant. The women in the trial had lower rates of miscarriage. These women also had lower preeclampsia rates, known as high blood pressure and protein in the urine. Preeclampsia could be life-threatening to both child and mother.

It’s all about circulation

Scientists aren’t exactly sure how baby aspirin helps with inflammation. However, many believe there is a link between pregnancy and proper blood circulation. Moderate exercise helps with fertility in women of all ages and body types. While pregnant, blood takes a detour to provide nutrients to the placenta and baby. Maintaining and improving circulation during pregnancy is critical to a healthy live birth. While NSAIDs can help, establishing an exercise routine approved by a doctor is just as important.

NSAIDs and exercise could be the key

Women struggling to get and stay pregnant may have inflammation concerns. Past miscarriages could be a sign of an underlying issue, and a doctor may recommend baby aspirin. This low-dose medication can reduce inflammation and may help with circulation, which is helpful with pregnancy. A healthy, moderate exercise routine can also significantly improve pregnancy chances. Speak with a healthcare provider to discuss these options today.

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