3 Tips To Do Immediately After Starting Fertility Treatment

Doing Fertility Treatment Right

The stakes can feel especially high once a woman or couple decides to pursue fertility treatment. Whether intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertility (IVF) or another assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedure is selected, patients want to do everything possible to guarantee success. Although many factors are outside of an individual’s control, there are 3 things patients can focus on after starting fertility treatment to improve the overall experience.


1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

There are many things women know not to do once pregnant such as drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. For patients undergoing IUI or IVF, cutting out such vices before conception is important. Once fertility treatment has started, most women will be told not to drink or smoke and to focus on eating healthy to give the embryo the best chance of implantation success. Women should also take a daily prenatal vitamin containing folic acid during fertility treatment. Lastly, staying well hydrated and getting plenty of rest are essential.

2. Take things easy

Fertility treatment can take a toll on both the mind and body. Fertility medications that must be taken exactly as directed, high-stakes procedures, and multiple appointments are enough to stress any individual out. Taking time to de-stress is essential while undergoing fertility treatment to allow the patient to stay mentally and physically healthy. A quick walk, a yoga class, meditation, or acupuncture are all possible options to reduce stress.

3. Ask questions

The fertility world can be highly confusing to any newcomer, and not understanding what is happening is a common refrain from women undergoing treatment. Although a fertility specialist should thoroughly explain what to expect before starting any ART treatment, patients should be encouraged to ask questions whenever a concern arises. The fertility team is there to help clarify why a certain medication is needed, the correct dose to take, when to schedule the next appointment, and even what to expect after procedures like egg retrieval or embryo transfer.

A pause on other activities

In addition to the above tips, other vital activities worth asking about are exercise and intercourse. Depending on the type of ART procedure performed, some fertility doctors may advise that patients temporarily stop working out or simply take things easy for a few days during the cycle. In other situations, the couple may be told to refrain from having sex to improve the chances of the IUI or IVF cycle working. Asking about possible restrictions for both activities can help a couple know what to expect during treatment.

Get pregnant with ART

During fertility treatment, women should work to maintain a healthy lifestyle and decrease stress. When something doesn’t make sense or is unclear, patients should ask questions to get clarification. Both IUI and IVF are excellent procedures to help a woman get pregnant. Staying physically and mentally healthy during fertility treatment can help with the overall experience.

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