Planning To Start Fertility Medications? Use A Compound Pharmacy For Your Unique Needs

It’s Time For Fertility Medication

At some point, a doctor may suggest that a patient starts fertility medication. Hormones like estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, and testosterone all work together for proper fertility health. If for some reason, the hormones are out of sync, fertility drugs can help. These drugs contain synthetic hormones that provide a much-needed balance or stop certain functions. Most fertility medications are generic brands available by prescription. However, a compound pharmacy solution is better in unique situations.

apthorp pharmacy Planning To Start Fertility Medications Use A Compound Pharmacy For Your Unique Needs

Why would you need fertility drugs?

An OB/GYN or fertility specialist will suggest fertility medication for several reasons. Patients who are trying to get pregnant may have hormonal challenges. Hormone drugs are one of the first steps of infertility treatment. Other reasons for fertility drugs include:

  • Birth control pills
  • Severe symptoms of menopause
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

These conditions can benefit from hormone therapy. Yet, some patients struggle with taking medication and need a safe, effective way of doing so.

Compounding meets specific needs

Despite the effectiveness of fertility drugs, one size does not fit all. A compound pharmacy can help with creating specialized medicine to meet the needs of the patient. Compound pharmacists have the skill to take base ingredients or drugs to make one unique formula. For instance, some women struggle to take pills. A compound pharmacy can change pills to patches, topical creams, or even liquid form. These changes improve medicine adherence and can reduce symptoms.

Compounding helps with specific strengths

Prescription or over-the-counter drugs have set formulations with set strengths. Hormones are a bit more nuanced. These dosages can be too much for the patient. Rather than try multiple brands, the doctor can prescribe a specific dosage. For example, a compounding pharmacy can create a specific dosage with specific synthetic hormones.

Avoiding allergies

Prescription medication may have fillers or other ingredients that cause side effects. Others may be allergic to additives or preservatives and compounding can remove these allergens. In addition, patients can now have an allergen-free or gluten-free option.

Get custom fertility medication through compounding

Compounding is a great way to safely yet effectively receive fertility medication. These drugs could be the difference for improving fertility or treating reproductive conditions. Compound pharmacies are often smaller, community pharmacies that strive to understand the needs of patients. A doctor can recommend these pharmacies to have fertility medication made in specific forms and strengths.

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