Hormone Replacement Therapy: Can A Compound Pharmacy Combine My Pills?

Boiling Down Your Healthcare

For women, middle age brings a number of troubling symptoms. From hot flashes to sleep troubles, premenopause symptoms can be so disruptive to daily life that some women consider hormone replacement therapy (HRT). However, patients already on several medications can shy away from the idea of more pills or a single format of consumption. Enter the compound pharmacy. Clinically defined as compounded medication, combining medications, can more efficiently treat patients on several types of medication along with individuals with intolerances or specific health concerns. To determine if compounded medications are needed, patients must share personal intolerances and current medications while the resident pharmacist manages local supply and availability.

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Any allergies?

Many can benefit from compounded care, but patients with allergies to a component in a specific medication often reap the most benefits. Specifically, the medication often finds patients with common intolerances, such as dye. Customizing the dose allows pharmacists to remove problematic ingredients, allowing for precise and made-to-fit care. Elderly patients or young kids that can’t swallow pills often need to consume the medication in a liquid form, sometimes combined with ingredients that add flavor to boost palatability. Compounded medications allow pharmacists to change the form of medication and minimize fillers, accommodating patients with specific needs.

What works for you?

After deciding on hormone therapy, women must determine which therapy works best on an individual level. Estrogen therapy in many different forms, including pills, creams, patches, and troches. Selecting the right type of HRT depends on personal preference and health history. For women with liver and cholesterol problems, a topical cream absorbed directly through the skin into the bloodstream reduces the risk of complications. Alternatively, a hormonal troche dissolves between the upper cheek and gum over time, limiting the strain on the kidneys by absorbing hormones directly into the bloodstream.

What’s in your family tree?

Although compounded care makes HRT more accessible, patient history is the key to best-utilizing hormone treatment. HRT may not be a good fit if a patient shows a proclivity to health concerns that increase the overall risk. For patients with a family medical history such as certain types of cancer, heart disease, stroke, blood clots, liver disease, and osteoporosis. Ultimately, the patient must assess the family history and decide if the benefits of HRT outweigh the potential risks.

The difference between life & death

In common cases of shortages, compounded medications fill this gap with tailored medical treatment, covering remote parts of the nation which are vulnerable to care shortages. During times of drug shortages across the country, compounded medications allow short-staffed rural hospitals to provide interim pharmaceutical care. To ensure safe and effective treatment maintain a healthy lifestyle while regularly seeking and attending follow-up care.

Limiting the daily dose

With tailor-made treatments, patients on multiple medications can streamline everyday intake. Compounding pharmacies benefit the greater community by offering treatment options when supplies are low or specific elements are needed. Compounded medicine helps streamline daily intake. Compound pharmaceuticals provide a simple solution for women looking to proactively lower the risk of osteoporosis and diabetes.

Prescription Refills

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