Designer Drugs: Compounding Medications For Individualized Health Demands With Your Pharmacist

Do I Need A Compounded Treatment Plan?

From tachycardia to Lyme disease, modern medication has revolutionized treatment possibilities. While symptom management is well within reach, some patients find that overlapping prescriptions do not accommodate specific needs or allergies. Pharmacists create a customized prescription tailored to fit the patient’s needs with compounded medications. Combining 2 or more drugs, physicians can more effectively treat patients who cannot take standard medication. To determine if compounded medications are needed, patients must examine personal intolerances and current medications while the pharmacist determines local supply and availability.

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Personal intolerance is a deciding factor

Many can benefit from compounded care, but patients who are allergic to a component in a specific medication often reap the most benefits. Compounded medications are often recommended to patients with common intolerances, such as dye. Customizing the dose allows pharmacists to remove problematic ingredients, allowing for precise and made-to-measure treatments. Furthermore, compounded medications allow pharmacists to change the form of the medication. Geriatric patients or children who cannot swallow pills can take the medication in liquid form, often boosted with flavoring ingredients to heighten palatability.

Comprehensive medical training is vital

While many pharmacies have the ability to compound medications on-site, additional training may be needed for patients taking multiple medications daily. A firm grasp of formulation science is critical in developing, manufacturing, and testing of chemical products and preparations. Compound pharmacists utilize tested science to inform decisions about quantities and combinations of active and inactive ingredients while incorporating quality procedures and testing for drug stability.

A solution for shortages

A recent study estimated 11% of all FDA-approved and marketed drugs, vaccines, and biologics are in short supply. Compounded medications help fill this gap by providing tailored treatment to underserved areas of the country that may be running low on supplies of common medicines. Furthermore, in times of national drug shortages, compounded medication can provide pharmaceutical care in the interim.

Is a compounded medication right for me?

Patients with drug intolerances can receive the necessary, often life-saving medication with tailor-made treatments. Elderly patients and kids can also gain from compounding, especially when liquid forms of medication are not available. Overall, compounding pharmacies benefit the communities by providing resources for treatment when medications are in short supply. While compounded medications should not be the first line of defense in a treatment plan, customized doses can provide notable relief to unique patient populations.

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