Compounding Care: Personalized Solutions For Unique Health Needs

Medication As Unique As You

The average American adult requires medical assistance at some point in life. This support could be for a chronic condition, managing pain, or recovering from a severe accident. Whatever the reason, every situation is unique, requiring specialized care for the best possible outcome. That specialized care seems to stop when the individual is required to take medication. Patients are encouraged to use standard prescriptions found in general pharmacies. While effective in many cases, patients sometimes need personalized solutions developed with compounding to increase the chances of successful treatment.


The art and science of compounding

Used by pharmacists for decades, compounding creates a customized medication solution to meet a patient's individual needs. This solution cannot be bought over-the-counter (OTC) and must be requested, planned, and formulated by a compounding pharmacist. Compounding involves creating a drug from base ingredients or combining multiple medications into a single-use form. This service is still provided by smaller pharmacies, especially in local communities. Pharmacies carry branded prescriptions and generic options, which are essential for many patients. However, compounding care offers additional benefits for unique health needs.

Compounding care benefits

Some patients need medication in specific doses that are unavailable on the market. The alternative is to take a portion of a dose, which can vary every time, leading to decreased effectiveness. Compounding can recreate a drug, crafting the dosage to the specific needs of the patient. Some patients require drugs that are no longer in circulation or may be too expensive. These medicines can be recreated to meet demands at a competitive price. Compounding care also means the patient and pharmacist control what goes into the prescription. As a result, removing allergens and preservatives or changing the form is easier. This step simplifies the process and improves medication adherence.

Niching down your healthcare

Compounding is not limited to general medicine. There are also compounding specialists serving other specific areas of medicine. For instance, some individuals need fertility support during in vitro fertilization (IVF) or other infertility treatments. A compounding pharmacy specializing in hormone medication can create custom dosages. Pediatric compounding is another vital niche that supports thousands of kids nationwide. Children can get medicine that looks and tastes better, improving overall adherence. Other compounding spaces include pain management, veterinary medicine, and dermatology. Using a customized form in these areas increases the chances of success.

A stronger pharmacist-patient relationship

After leaving the doctor’s office, the relationship is often limited to periodic visits every year. Compounding pharmacists are often the go-to experts patients rely on between check-ups. Patients can ask questions, review medications, make changes, and request specific forms through compounding. The service creates a strong bond, improving medication adherence and health outcomes. Compounding pharmacies can continuously address patient concerns during consultations, adjusting medicines to create the ideal option for optimal health.

The next step in personalized healthcare

Consistent use of a standard prescription is often enough for most people to improve symptoms. Yet, compounding is the hidden gem that can unlock even more effective treatments. Patients are unique based on age, weight, gender, lifestyle, and pre-existing conditions. Taking a standard form of medication may not be effective or cause unpleasant interactions. Compounding care helps the patient step back and assess what is needed for optimal health. Upon consulting with a compounding pharmacist, an optimal drug can be formed, closing the loop on personalized healthcare solutions.

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