Gut Health & Fertility Journey: 4 Tips To Understanding Probiotics

What’s Your Gut Got To Do With Fertility?

The gut does more than digest food. Within this digestive system lies the gut microbiome, where trillions of microorganisms, fungi, and bacteria live. Along with digestion, the gut microbiome can help with digestion, immune health, and metabolism. Studies have shown that the gut microbiome goes beyond these functions, influencing other bodily functions. There seems to be a fascinating connection between gut health and fertility. A balanced gut microbiome interplays with the endocrine system, which creates the hormones for fertility and pregnancy. Nutrient absorption is also more effective, and there is less inflammation. These benefits may provide support for an already challenging fertility journey.


Add billions to your tummy with probiotics

The gut contains both good and bad bacteria. Keeping a healthy, balanced gut microbiome is a constant struggle. Inflammation, stress, poor diets, and alcohol consumption can lead to an overgrowth of harmful bacteria. Probiotics add to the good bacteria already in the digestive system as quickly as possible. Using a combination of live bacteria, yeasts, and fungi, probiotics add billions of new agents to balance the gut. Probiotics can lower inflammation and improve digestion and immune function. Supplements can be fermented foods, such as yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, or a pill form. If probiotics will form part of the fertility journey, here are 4 tips for a deeper understanding of the supplement.

1. A quality probiotic matters

Like many vitamins and supplements, there are many brands and types of probiotics on the market. Not all probiotics are created equal. Probiotics need sufficient viable cultures to be effective. The brand should also express the average culture-forming units (CFU) in any given dose. Quality probiotics are also independently tested and verified by third parties. This additional step ensures the produce meets safety and quality standards.

2. Select the right strain of probiotics

The gut microbiome is diverse, with some strains contributing to certain metabolic functions over others. Probiotic supplements also have different strains of bacteria or fungi, which can be helpful in specific cases, such as fertility. Look for well-researched strains that are recommended for reproductive health. A doctor, fertility clinic, or pharmacist can also recommend the best options. For instance, certain strains like lactobacillus acidophilus may be helpful for both gut health and vaginal health.

3. Consistency equals effectiveness

Supplements are only effective when used over time. Probiotics can take time to establish within the gut, varying from person to person. Consistent use increases the long-term benefits. Follow the dosage instructions, taking each dose at the same time every day. Pharmacists recommend maintaining the same dose and frequency for several weeks before seeing results. Avoid doubling the dose if a day is missed. The fertility journey can take several months. Consider probiotic use as an investment, taken side-by-side with fertility medication.

4. You need to juggle with lifestyle changes

A probiotic supplement is not a magic pill that will change the fortunes of the gut microbiota alone. If there are still excess harmful bacteria, the probiotic may be ineffective. Some lifestyle factors increase the formation of bad bacteria, so making some changes during the fertility journey can support probiotic use. Prioritize a healthy, balanced diet that avoids excess sugars or processed foods. These sugars can create an environment that favors bad bacteria. Managing stress can also reduce inflammation, increasing the effectiveness of probiotics.

Can it help with your fertility treatment?

Some women or couples struggle with infertility and may need in vitro fertilization (IVF), an innovative fertility treatment. IVF is a multi-step process that requires fertility medication to produce more eggs for the creation of embryos. A viable embryo is then transferred to the woman's uterus. Excess inflammation, hormone imbalances, and sperm and egg quality all impact IVF's success. Studies show that a healthy gut plays a critical role in fertility treatment success.

Adding probiotics into your fertility journey

A healthy gut goes a long way in ensuring the body is well-balanced and prepared for a long fertility journey. Yet, this is easier said than done, as gut imbalances are more frequent. A probiotic can reintroduce essential bacteria and yeast into this environment. Once these thrive, the body's overall health changes. Take the optimal probiotic for fertility with a strain and form that supports long-term pregnancy success.

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