Is L-Carnitine A Super Supplement For Couples Struggling With Infertility?

The Essence Of L-Carnitine

The human body system requires a good balance of essential nutrients. When there is a depletion of a nutrient, supplements help to meet the nutritional requirements. L-carnitine is a supplement that comes from an amino acid, lysine, and is beneficial to many medical conditions. Of all the benefits, L-carnitine helps to improve the likelihood of fertility outcomes both in men and women.

apthorp pharmacy Is L-Carnitine A Super Supplement For Couples Struggling With Infertility

Boosting female reproductive function

Multiple studies have demonstrated the positive outcomes of L-carnitine on female fertility. These research studies have been proven by testing on humans and animals with assisted reproductive technology. L-carnitine enhances gonadotropins and sex hormones to ensure better quality and quantity of oocytes and the development of an embryo. The compound also protects the DNA from damage that free radicals may cause. Carnitine used alone or in combination with other supplements or antioxidants increase the chances of reproduction.

Combating disorders causing infertility

Many medical conditions make a woman infertile such as amenorrhea and endocrine disorders, for example, polycystic ovarian syndrome, which are treated with diabetic medications. A research study demonstrated that women who received both diabetic medications and carnitine showed a substantial improvement. The study showed a positive result in menstrual cycles and insulin resistance. 97.2% had regular menstrual cycles in the carnitine group, while the other group showed 12.9% only.

Enhancing sperm motility and viability

Not only in female fertility, but carnitine also plays a vital role in male fertility. The male reproductive system consists of L-carnitine, which plays a crucial role in developing spermatozoa and energy metabolism. Multiple studies in animals, humans, and in vitro have confirmed that carnitine increases sperm motility, concentration, and viability. L-carnitine also enhances semen quality and diminishes any oxygen radicals in the seminal fluid. Although carnitine has some importance, a high amount of the compound is not recommended.

The curiosity of a surplus of L-carnitine

Many supplements are an excellent addition to replace any nutritional deficiency. However, a high supplement concentration can cause a minor or significant detrimental effect on the human body. A high dose of L-carnitine affects free calcium activity. Free calcium has importance in living cells, but with L-carnitine toxicity, the speed of blood clotting is negatively affected. Adding an L-carnitine supplement at the correct dose is extremely helpful to improve fertility outcomes.

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