Fertility Medication Patient Assistance Programs

Qualifying patients can SAVE up to 75% off Follistim, Ganirelix & Pregnyl!
apthorp pharmacy is committed to providing fertility patients with a wide number of financial options for achieving their family dream. We have partnered with DesignRx to offer the First Steps Program to self-pay patients who need help affording for their fertility medication.

Patients who are eligible based on their income may receive 5%, 25%, 50%, or 75% off their purchase price for Follistim, Ganirelix, and Pregnyl. All military servicemen (active or veteran) are automatically approved for a 25% discount.

Lending Club Advantages

  • No upfront payment needed
  • Flexible plans with low fixed rates and low monthly payments
  • Apply with no impact to your credit score
  • Apply online in minutes and receive an answer in less than a minute!

How to Secure a Loan

1) Complete the secure online application. If you are applying for a medication only loan, select apthorp pharmacy as the practice name.

2) If approved, choose your payment plan and then sign and submit the final loan documents.

3) Upon receipt of your signed documents, Lending Club will disburse funds to apthorp pharmacy on your behalf.

The Specialists in Fertility Financing

apthorp pharmacy is a preferred pharmacy of CapexMD Fertility Financing. CapexMD specializes in providing financing options for fertility patients. Patients who purchase their medications at apthorp pharmacy are eligible to apply for a loan for their medication costs through CapexMD. In addition, financing for fertility treatment is also available to patients who are being treated at participating fertility centers.

Advantages of CapexMD

  • Specialists in fertility financing
  • Highly competitive rates
  • Pre–approval within hours
  • Highest level of confidentiality
  • No pre–payment penalties
  • Personal attention
  • Easy & secure on–line application
  • Flexible terms
  • No annual fees
  • Retain your existing credit sources

How to Secure a Loan

1) Complete the secure, online application.

2) Pre-approval will be provided within 24 hours.

3) CapexMD will send you the final loan documents to sign.

4) Upon receipt of your signed loan documents, your medication funds will be disbursed to apthorp pharmacy on your behalf and your treatment funds (if applicable) will be disbursed to your physician.

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